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About Us

Data Center Shared Services is a campus initiative to consolidate campus server rooms and data centers into high-quality shared data center facilities. Through use of shared data centers, the campus can provide higher-quality facilities while reducing overall costs.

In an ongoing effort to increase efficiencies and reduce expenditures, the Data Center Consolidation effort was initiated through the Office of the Provost. This effort, led by the Executive Governance Committee for Data Center Shared Services is tasked with promoting data center consolidation and making recommendations to reduce the overall number and cost of providing data center services to the Urbana Campus. The Data Center Shared Service Operations Committee (DCSS) is charged from the Executive Governance Committee to implement the vision and manage the day to day operations of these facilities. As technology and needs change so do the needs for data center space.

A Service Level Description (SLD) has been developed and describes the DCSS offerings. DCSS provides a set of standard services for data center co-location. The standard services are provided by the campus and available at no charge to eligible units of the University of Illinois Urbana Campus. Additional (non-standard) services may be offered for a fee. Non-eligible units (not eligible for campus funded services) are permitted to purchase services.

The Data Center Shared Services Operations Committee is the primary point of contact for all DCSS tenants and can be reached at DCSS has operational staff managing each of the shared data center locations.